Remote or Telecommuting?

We often refer to the notion online team in our blog, but what does this notion imply, what types of teams exist and why have we brought them together?

Types of online teams

Online teams can be divided into two main groups: Telecommuting and Remote.

A remote team is often a small company that is working on one project and does not have a physical office. The members of such team can be scattered around the world.

A telecommuting team is usually much larger. These are teams where there are both physical offices and remote employers. The projects and tasks in a telecommuting team may not be connected to one another, which breaks the team into smaller independent groups.

Distinguishing characteristics of online teamwork

People are social creatures, and the team production is closely connected with the relationships among the team members. In both types of online teams, it is important to pay special attention to the team building because the word ‘online’ may completely leave out face-to-face contacts.

In remote teams, there is no such communication as happens to be an everyday practice in physical offices near water coolers, that is why it is important to artificially create communication environment, otherwise, a team of wonderful people like Andrew, Anton, Vlad and Lena will stay unfamiliar to one another: Drew, ‘an Anton’, ‘sort of Vlad’, ‘whatsename’.

In telecommuting teams, things are a little bit better. Part of the employers work together on a daily basis: they see each other, speak to each other, discuss the latest news, take part in occasional events. However, the other part still stays away from the team.

So what do we call an online team?

In our blog, we united the notions of remote and telecommuting team into one term — ‘online team’. It is because we do believe that all of them face the same problems of communication.

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