Introducing a New Team Member

Recently, one online team addressed me with a small but typical request.

Subject of the Request

We are about to meet a client who will talk to our new project designer for the first time. The team manager could not figure out what the best way to hold this first meeting was.

The first choice that he grasped was to show off the designer, demonstrating his portfolio, manifesting his great experience of such project work. It seemed important to the manager as the client might make a decision after the meeting if he was going to work with the team or not.

The second choice was to highlight the project concept without focusing on the person of the new designer.

It was not easy to come to a single resolution, so the team asked me to address the problem and give a piece of advice.


I’ll tell you right away: there is no universal answer. However, it should be based on the situation, and you should ask the client about his vision. That is, you can ask him right before the meeting: What do you need to know before we begin our meeting so that it has the best outcome for you?

Post-recommendation Outcome

According to the recommendation, the manager put this question to the client. She said at once that she needed to know the concept of the project for her to know if she agreed with it. The client did not ask anything about the designer except his name because the concept suited her completely. She had only one question to the designer: When are we going to launch it?  🙂


Never be afraid of asking your clients (as well as users, and even team members) about their vision and needs. Asking the question What do you need to know before we begin? you get to know the client’s main focus of attention. It means that it is more important to see what the client is mainly focused on than to get a detailed answer to the question. Just like in the case described above. The answer was: I need to see the concept. Well, that was not a detailed answer, but it was enough for the team to see what the client’s main focus was and to follow it.

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