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Introducing a New Team Member

Recently, one online team addressed me with a small but typical request. Subject of the Request We are about to meet a client who will talk to our new project designer for the first time. The team manager could not figure out what the best way to hold this first […]

Clean Communication in action

Dialogue between a client and a contractor. Contractor: Hello! I’ve been completely worn out lately, and forgot I had not transferred the calculations to you. We have recalculated and it turned out to be 9 hours of work. It costs X amount of money. Client: Hey. We have examined three […]

Backstabbing in a Company

A reader’s description of the situation: I work in the capacity of Project manager. The other day I went to ask the Department manager when our team was taking part in the exhibition. The Department manager said we were not going to participate because there were no vacant exhibit spaces. […]