In this section we collect useful tips and tools that can help your online team grow and develop. Our goal is to transform our entire experience with more than 5 years of remote work with teams, into a collection of lifehacks. Each article deals with one advice or tool that has confirmed its effectiveness for us. We describe its advantages and ways of operational implementation.

The training that destroyed the team

It is quite common in communication with my colleagues that I hear about the team coaches who held training sessions for the company that broke the entire system of interaction in the team. Indeed, some coaches like to use what I call “excavator technique” to create a new system that […]

Weird Questions

– You said ‘emotional intelligence’. And what is ‘emotional intelligence’? — I asked. My friend laughed in reply and asked: Don’t you really know what it is? — I do know, but what I am asking is what it means for you. — Well, this question of yours, it is […]

Clean Feedback (CF)

It is almost impossible to work in a team without feedback. However, it is very important that both you and the one to whom you give feedback understood what you mean and what you want to happen. Find below the Clean Feedback (CF) format that will help you phrase the […]

Clean Setup

When you ask ordinary questions you get ordinary answers that bring to ordinary decisions. However, this article is devoted to unusual questions, the questions that bring to new offbeat results. Let’s begin with an event that inspired me to use the Clean Setup instrument. Once I heard at the beginning […]

Developmental Tasks

Once there comes the day when you realize that you want to get rid of a habit that hampers your work progress. For example, my friend Igor, who works as a creative manager, is constantly making spiteful remarks at meetings with his colleagues, and they don’t approve of his sarcasm. […]