Hello! My name is Tatiana Smirnova and I am a team coach. I created this blog to share my experience with team development.

Now me focus is on how to help telecommuting and remote online teams.
Totally, I’ve been working remotely for more than 5 years and understand how important the established collaboration and communication within the team.
Therefore, I help online teams create an atmosphere in the team, without hysteria and drama, where the talents of each flourish.
And yes, it improves business performance too 😉

Feedback Culture

In the previous articles we talked about what risks a company would bear if you do not give feedback to your subordinates, and also about the importance of not just Feedback, but in particular positive Feedback. Now we will talk about how to introduce the culture of feedback in the […]

The training that destroyed the team

It is quite common in communication with my colleagues that I hear about the team coaches who held training sessions for the company that broke the entire system of interaction in the team. Indeed, some coaches like to use what I call “excavator technique” to create a new system that […]

Drama Triangle

Drama Triangle or Karpman triangle (Karpman drama triangle) is a psychological and social model of human interaction. It is mainly used in psychology and psychiatric therapy. It was first described by Steven Karpman in 1968. Since we are speaking about online team interaction, we are considering this model usage in […]

How We Modeled Our Partnership

This is a story of partnership development that brought us to creating the “Crew Co-operation” blog. It is about a partnership modeling exercise that took us an hour to understand what the best way of cooperating is. It was in January 2018 when we — Tanya Smirnova and Gleb Shulishov […]

Clean Feedback (CF)

It is almost impossible to work in a team without feedback. However, it is very important that both you and the one to whom you give feedback understood what you mean and what you want to happen. Find below the Clean Feedback (CF) format that will help you phrase the […]

Remote or Telecommuting?

We often refer to the notion online team in our blog, but what does this notion imply, what types of teams exist and why have we brought them together? Types of online teams Online teams can be divided into two main groups: Telecommuting and Remote. A remote team is often […]